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Friday HSCC legends of Brands hatch SuperPrix

At the first corner the race leader is - Adrian Reynard (69), Graham Ridgway in second – (155), third Ian Pearson (9) At Druids we Geoff O’Nion (99) holding onto fifth from Jennifer Ridgway (88) and fourth Stephen Collyer (85).

Ian Pearson (9) overtakes Graham Ridgway (155) on the start finish straight A few laps later Ian Pearson (9) catches up with the leader at druids but spins

Graham Ridgway (155) gains second and Ian Pearson (9) comes back on track in third but a long way back. Over the next couple of laps Ian Pearson (9) gets the fastest lap and gains on 2nd place man Graham Ridgway (155) With superior speed and help with a back marker number Ian Pearson (9) takes 2nd at paddock hill bend.

At druids you can see the gap between 1st and 2nd the laps that follow Ian Pearson (9) puts pressure on Adrian Reynard (69), the gap at Graham hill bend along Cooper straight is nail biting close. The overtake is done on Brabham Straight over the next couple of laps Graham Ridgway (69) is putting pressure on Ian Pearson (9) to regain first but spins at Druids luckily he regains control and carries on with the race and finishes in 2nd

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