• David

Until the next foggy day

After looking at the weather for the right conditions and being prepared on several occasions with gear packed and a photoshoot list, I wake up look out of the window to be disappointed no fog. The morning of the 7th Dec I look out the window and there is fog the weather forecast said it would be clear. Making tea and getting the morning chores done I look out and there is still fog so at 8:15am I decide to go. Packing my gear and checking that I have everything I run out the door at 8:36am. Seafront or local lake I decide local lake, trees and a reed bed might hold the fog. So on entering the field with the lake I find the local council has been busy, they had built a car park put earth on the rough ground and planted trees. So a bit of a muddy walk I'm there beside the lake,

I take a couple of shots just to know that my set up and composition are right. Now I can relax a bit and start my shoot plan, no I haven't got that with me. I grab the tripod and see if I can take some long exposure shots but no I am missing a bit its not going well. Never mind I will carry on, so I walk round the lake slowly stopping when I see a shot. With the fog lifting I look down at my camera and see that I have over fifty images. So as a happy photographer I make my way back to the car thinking of a nice cup of tea and a plan for the next foggy day.

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